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Yesterday at 11:50 AM
anyone around....


April 14, 2014, 12:04 AM
Yes ;)

Andy S

April 12, 2014, 09:19 PM
did you handle the torque Ok Cobraman ? ;D


April 10, 2014, 08:00 PM
Be out in my td 14 van  this weekend. :D


April 10, 2014, 12:55 PM
anyone out and about this weekend? Sunshine V8's.. vroom vroom

Andy S

April 08, 2014, 08:28 PM
check the sale thread, oh and pistonheads  ;)


April 08, 2014, 02:10 PM
boxing day sales?  ;D


April 08, 2014, 09:08 AM
Did I just miss Christmas :D

Andy S

April 07, 2014, 09:49 PM
Sale time  :)


April 06, 2014, 09:33 PM
bed time  :)

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Welcome to Snaketorque

  Hi  &  ;welc; to the Snaketorque Car Forum  
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06 Apr 2014 - Who wants one?

Yes please....

05 Apr 2014 - What time is it?

Hey Bilko looks like we are still operating on winter time here in Snaketorque, any chance we could move on to summer time, then we can enjoy the light evenings like every body else. :whistling:

Cheers mate.  :b:

21 Mar 2014 - Fire extinguisher

Hi guys

Whilst the Ult is in a naked state I want to fit a plumbed in fire system :b:

Am I wasting my time  ;con

Anyone got any recommendations  ;con

Your input is greatly appreciated  :b:
Hi guys,

would really appreciate a few bob thrown in this direction:

Dear all, please give generously to this worthy cause. My wife is running the local Brentwood half marathon in memory of her late father whom passed away recently with Cancer. My wife is running the half marat

13 Mar 2014 - reg plates

right stupid question... but honestly i dont know...

if i buy a personalised plate that is a "10" plate..... why cant i put it on a car that is pre "10"...

can it be done.?  or will the DVLA just flatly refuse to process the paperwork.....


07 Mar 2014 - OMFG!!



26 Feb 2014 - What? No Disc?

25 Feb 2014 - Forum

I can't put my finger on it but the forum seems some how sluggish and not quite so stylish, anyone know what might be causing this effect.

I could've cried...
This looks interesting . Not sure how durable on wheels .

There is a DIY version as well
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